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Re: [IP] Hospitalized Again - someone help with advice please

 I have never heard of DKA when your sugar is in the 100"s. Did they say what
her BG was? That is crazy. I have had diabetes for 33 years and I have never
heard of spilling large ketones unless your BG is very high for a more than a
Robin Neel
DX 12/1970

Denise Owens <email @ redacted> wrote:
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Hi All, 

I am troubled by something that has happened for the second time since Haley's
diagnosis: She was hospitalized for a vomiting virus this past weekend. She
developed a fever of 103 and was vomiting. Her BG levels were in the mid 100's
so I didn't worry. I called her Dr. and she wanted to see Haley asap. She was
vomiting in the Doc's office and still had a high fever. The doc did a blood
 test and told me her ketones were extra large and they were concerned about
She then told me that Haley needed to be admitted to the hospital right away.
 Aside from crying and then scrambling to find a place for Haley's twin sister
stay immediately, I couldn't figure out how all this happened.

I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else? 

Does anyone think that her Dr. may have overracted by admitting her? 

How do you all manage things when your D-kids get vomiting viruses? 

This was such an awful experience for my daughters and me. 

Denise Owens 
Mom to twins, Haley & Savannah, 8 
Haley dxd 12/2000 
Cozmo Pump 
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