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[IP] RE: Problems with Minimeds Billing

Even though I have only been pumping a month now, I still have all of my
infusion sets, reservoirs etc set up through a place called Diabetic and
Respritory supply.  I have used them for years, first when I was first
diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and took oral meds.  Then when I switched to
injections and meds, then of course to injections only.  When I decided to
go on the pump, I thought that I was going to have to be done with them.
Fortunately the to have a "pump department".

I called Diabetic supply right after I recieved my first pump and drugs from
Minimed and asked them if I could use them for all of my pump needs.  The
said absolutely and connected me with Danny in the pump department.

They contacted my insurance company, and set everything up for me.  I get 40
infusion sets and 40 reservoirs every 90 days.  They did tell me that since
this was all durable medical equipment, that I would have to pay
approximately 50.00 with each 90 day order.  (Until now I have never
recieved a bill from Diabetic Supply unless it was the first of the year and
my deductable was not yet met).

They have never failed to excel in supplying me with all of my diabetic
supplies including test strips, glucometers etc.  As a matter of fact all of
the IV prep and tapes are given to me free.  They classify that stuff as
gimmes considering the cost of all of the other things.

If you are on Blue Cross, Mail Handlers or any insurance company that is not
a HMO, you need to check and see if you can be included.  It is a great

It won't make the old Minimed bill go away, but you won't have to worry
about any future bill at least.

Good Luck

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