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[IP] Not Quitting!! & thanks

Thanks IPers for all the helpful advice and probably just as important
encouragement to keep on keeping on.  I know have a good site. :D  At
least until tomorrow I won't have to even think about it.  I think the
problem is a combination of the QS and any place above the imaginary
horizontal line of my belly button.  I am going to try another type of
set for these areas and/or try the inserting tips sent to me.

Someone suggested finding a support group, which is great advice.  That
is one of the reasons I joined this group.  I live in Argentina and
there are not any pumpers close by.  Pumping is still a really new
concept to the doctors here.  Of course the betics here won't be
informed about it until the doctors are convinced.  But before I go off
on a tangent I just want to say thanks to this group.  

I knew that real pumpers would have more to suggest than the trainer
here.  This group is a blessing and a curse.  I've learned lots and I
am informed about the latest and the greatest.  The flip side is that
not all of that is available here yet.  Ignorance is bliss right? 
Until you find out that you were missing out on great stuff.

American expectations for her diabeasties in a foreign country.
My pump (Viper) speaks Spanish :P

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