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[IP] The GOOD in Diabetes

Gail wrote about seeing her long lost best buddy who was also DM, and what a 
great story it was - thanks for sharing it with us.  I have to whole heartedly 
agree...even with the lasers, the kidney studies, the highs, the lows, the 
 dumb ass doctors, the nurse ratchets, the stupid people on the subway who watch
me test my blood, I am STILL grateful to diabetes....some of my best friends 
in the world I met in spite of  diabetes.  I am also a stronger, more 
 outspoken, independant woman in spite of, or perhaps because of, being a

Sure, I would much prefer NOT to have diabetes at all - I am not an IDIOT, 
 but I do see the silver lining in this crappy hand we've been dealt..can't
it all the time...must accept it and be one with it, and I suppose I have (at 
least today....tomorrow or next week when I start dialysis I will be whining 
about it again I am sure).

Thanks Gail...and to those on this list who are counted in that precious 
group of my loved ones - you know who you are.....I'm glad I had the chance to 
know you....

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