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[IP] what to ask an eye doc for Jhenn

Jhenn wrote:
> GP kept getting returned with the note "send this girl to an optometrist".

I have not seen an optometrist in over 20 years...once you "catch" diabetes, 
the only reason you see these guys is to get your glasses fixed...and my 
opthamalogist even did that....so....

If your pressure is HIGH, consistently from visit to visit, and I hope you 
aren't waiting 6 months to go back....maybe every couple of weeks....then you 
 NEED to on a drop of some kind...timoptic I think is the name of the most
one but there are others.  Pressure can change due to LOTS of things...ie 
following surgery to the eye, or more importantly GLAUCOMA which we are more 
 pre-disposed to get and which CAN lead to permannent blindness...so #1 question
ought to be DO I NEED A DROP!  I think normal pressure is in the 12-17 range?  
After my first vitrectomy, my pressure was something like 26 or 
 something....after the second I was immediately back down in a normal
range....I am currently
not taking ANY drops.

Question #2 should be, Can I have a flourecine scan, or whatever modern 
 technology has replaced this with. This is where they shoot you with a dye
makes you puke your guts out, then they take dozens of photos of your retina, 
looking for little leaks.  YOU may not ever see the little leaks, but the 
 flourecine will spot them, s well as suspicious ones. If there are any, the
step is to ask, do I need pan retinal laser to burn away those bad blood 

Why does my eye have bad blood vessels, you may wonder?  Cuz youhave diabetes 
and your blood sugar DOES go above normal every once in a while.  In 
 simplistic terms this causes the eye to think it is not getting enough oxygen
so it
generates NEW blood vessels to bring blood to the eye...thse new blood vessels 
(called neovascularization) are weak and can bleed easily...a low can cause a 
bleed, weight lifting, a night mare....how many sticks can you pile up on the 
camel before he breaks?  same concept...you can go YEARS with new growth 
vessels and never bleed, then one day POW

You may very well NEVER have any problems with your eyes...some people get it 
with gastro and nerve problems...others get kidney/eye problems...it is just 
luck of the draw and your genes...some people just have good genes adn no 
matter what crap care they take of them selves, they NEVER get complications...

I am sad to say your grandfather didn't live in the 21st century.....you 
 don't HAVe to go blind from glaucoma just cuz he did...he didn't have access to
the technology and the medicines we do...family history may predispose you to 
it, but it is up to you to MAKE your doctors do the right things.

A good retina doctor will look at your macula to see if there is swelling or 
degeneration, he will look for scar tissue that may be pulling on the retina, 
he will SEE cataracts, but MOST retina doctors will NOT do anything about a 
 cataract...Apparently, it would be like asking a heart surgeon to take a look
your gall bladder as long as he's in there....most importantly he will look 
at the vessels in your eye and evaluate what he sees, both through his 
magnifying lens and the photographs

Sara SP
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