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[IP] RE: Laser IS Preventative

Frankly it is a choice.
My one "bad" eye is pretty darn near perfect with two focal laser treatments.
If I had let the other guy zap my "good" eye 2000 times, what would I have
gained?  It only bled once and it was not even severe.
My former doctor put it best by saying if he could predict what an eye would
do, he could go to Vegas and win a lot of money. He prefers the conservative
approach, because scarring up your eye is damaging. Btw, the "2000 laser blast
doctor" insisted he start right away, gave no info on side effects and even
though I said I was getting a second opinion, his office kept scheduling me
for surgery.  Definitely something to be skeptical about.

The new retinal specialist, who has as much as a three hour wait if you get
there past 9 am, said she also believes in the conservative approach because
once you take that step forward, you cannot go back.

The fact is, the eye may bleed into your field of vision, you may not be able
to get rid of the blood and you may need a future vitrectomy.  The fact is
also that the eye may bleed out of your field of vision, and the intial vision
loss may only last a few weeks or months and then things will be normal.

I'm glad a friend on this list told me to get an opinion from a retinal
specialist, and I'm glad that this woman believed in the conservative
approach.  I truly don't see how you can go wrong with limited focal laser,
unless you have severe proliferative retinopathy, with weak vessels growing
all over the place.

It didn't sound like the person who started this thread had that, nor did 500
laser blasts sound like too many, however it never hurts to get a second
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