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Re: [IP] Re: DKA is what it was

I check my husband's bg at night, when I get up to go to the bathroom.  If 
we have trouble at night, he'll go to bed and I'll sit up and check it again 
before I go to bed.

If you think having a type 1 kid is bad, think about having a type 1 spouse 
who has hypoglycemic unawareness (passes out right in front of you without a 
twinge of a warning) and has brittle diabetes (could be at 20 one day and at 
3 the next).  He also has right-side brain damage and memory problems, so he 
never worries and he never remembers what he has to do to manage his 
diabetes.  Both of us have high frequency hearing loss so we don't hear 
alarms until they are really loud.  Thank goodness his vision is still 
pretty good.  If his or mine were to go, what would we do then?

Don't say, "Get off the pump!"  I can't imagine what our life would be like 
without the glucose meter (off-site) and the pump:  I've monitored a lot.  
I've caught a lot of lows that could get really bad and I've caught a lot of 
highs too.

What happened to diabetics before glucose meters and pumps?  The end stages 
must have been really hellish?

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