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Re: [IP] UltraSmart Rebate Offer Warning Update

> An update to my message below.  On Saturday I returned the
> UltraSmart meter in their postage paid mailer and sent letters to
> the chairman of the LifeScan Group complaining about their unfair
> and misleading advertising and rebate 
>  offer. Today (the following Monday) I received a call from a Mr.
>  Bradford head
> of
> marketing for UltraSmart in response to my letter. He thanked me for
> my 
>  input, said that they have received other complaints that excluding
>  most
> LifeScan
>  meters from their rebate offer penalizes existing LifeScan
>  customers, said that
> he has developed revised wording for the boxes and in the future
> they WILL accept their own meters for the trade-in offer.  
> He indicated that he also has diabetes and has been thinking about
> going on 
>  an insulin pump. We spent a lot of time talking about the
>  advantages of a pump
> and pump options and I gave him the address of this web site which
> he was not familiar with.  I appreciate their extremely prompt
> reply, correction of something I thought was wrong, and look forward
> to my new UltraSmart.
> Don

In a way this is both sad and amusing. I gave up trying to talk to 
Lifescan some time ago about sponsoring Insulin Pumpers. They are a 
whole 2 blocks away from our office and do not respond to email or 
phone messages. Ya gotta wonder about these people sometimes.

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