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Re: [IP] Re: DKA is what it was

When the regime was two shots a day (after Lente was discovered) or even 1 
and there was no glucose meters-- My husband has been a diabetic for 25 
years so I can remember back that far, especially since he has only been 
able to use a glucose meter since the first alternate site meter came 
out--kids could get responsible.  Now, however, with all the math and 
measuring of food and bolusing and remembering what happened yesterday plus 
what time of the day it is and what might happen in the late afternoon etc. 
etc. etc., I think even the experts are saying that the kids might need a 
little help.  Hypoglycemic unawareness plus the mood swings might also cause 
anyone, not just kids problems.

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>Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 03:28:12 EST
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>Hi all,
>Re:  the trip to the hospital as a "lesson:"  My son Dan is 12 and has only
>had diabetes for two years.  Most of the time he is pretty good about doing
>  what he needs to do to stay healthy, although he does forget sometimes or 
>bad estimate of the carbs he's had, etc.  I do know some other parents of
>  teens with diabetes who are very frustrated, though, with teenage 
>rebellion and
>noncompliance and I think it may have been some of that frustration that 
>out in the original post.  The mom did take the child to the hospital to 
>the care she needed.
>  I agree that parents of kids with diabetes do walk a fine line.  When Dan
>  was diagnosed, we were told by the team at his children's hospital that 
>current research seems to show that people who are managing their diabetes
>best in their early to mid-20s had a great deal of support at home when 
>  were kids and teens. They stressed that while it was necessary for the 
>child to
>realize that he or she must understand their condition and act responsibly,
>the family has to step in and help--many kids who are told that they must 
>  wholly responsible for their own management seemed to burn out and start
>off by the time they are in the mid-20s.  Kids who had family members who
>would say, "Tired of testing?  I'll prick for you tonight," or "I'll do 
>shots today if you'd like" tended to do better later.  Our family doesn't 
>enough experience with it yet to know, and I know that full-fledged teen
>  rebellion hasn't hit us yet, but I just thought I would pass that insight
>on--it made
>an impression on me.
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