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 When this pump is released (it has already gotten FDA approval) this will be
THE smallest
 full feature pump with the LARGEST Display, 2.9" X 2.0" X 0.76" and a screen of
992 sq.
 mm. I think the BIGGEST advancement for it though will be the basal adjustment
 0.025. If 0.6 an hour basal is too low and 0.65 an hour is too high, then how
about 0.625?
 This will not only be fantastic for kids, but for everyone who is insulin
sensitive! And if you
 are older like myself, you might appreciate the volume control for alarms AND
the vibrate

 If you are forgetful about testing, there are reminder alarms. And if you are
bad with math
 there is a Carb Calculator, a BG Bolus Calculator and an Insulin on Board
calculator. 3.25
 ounces, battery life of 8 to 12 weeks and of course it still is waterproof AND
immune to
ESD: (meets the requirements of IEC60601-1 as modified by IEC606001-2-24)  Non-
 Volatile Ram, History of prime, suspend, bolus, daily totals, alarms and basal
records. PC
Compatible with a link via an IR Port.

 AND it uses Standard Luer Lock Sets. I know what MY next Pump will be. The

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