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RE: [IP] MM and a surprise bill from 2001?

I too am having a lot of problems with MiniMed right now and it has caused me
to decide not to use them for my supplies any longer.

I know a lot of you have written in about the same MiniMed issue so I thought
I'd share my story:  I started receiving bills from 2001 about 8 months ago
and each time I would call and complain due to the fact that each time I
ordered my supplies I charged the amount not covered by insurance to my credit
card.  Then, if there was an additional bill later on (from the deductible not
being met, etc.) I would pay THAT with my credit card (hey, you should see the
frequent flier mileage rack up).  Therefore, it was unfathomable that I would
receive a bill 2 years later for over TWO THOUSAND dollars!!!  Each time I
called Minimed I asked for an itemized statement so that I could compare it to
my credit card statements and insurance invoices.  Each time they promised to
send one.  I have yet to receive one.  Finally about 4 months ago the bills
stopped appearing and I figured that MiniMed accounting discovered the
mistake.  However last week I returned from a business trip to find two bright
yellow and strongly worded invoices for the full amount.  Again I called, this
time I think I actually yelled, and again I was promised an itemized receipt.
Haven't received it yet, and I'm not holding my breath.  What am I supposed to
do in this situation??

I believe that I have paid all amounts that I owe, however, if my calculations
are incorrect I'll happily pay the difference if they send me an itemized
statement proving the disparity.  I'm growing very concerned because I have
EXCELLENT credit and would hate to see it damaged due to this really trivial
issue that could be easily resolved if MInimed would just do their homework.
In my opinion you CANNOT just send a customer a bill that is 2 years old for
that amount of money with no explanation whatsoever.  Am I wrong?  I welcome
any and all suggestions - I'm really ready to say that I'll never wear a
MiniMed pump again if this isn't resolved soon, even though I am rather fond
of my Paradigm and was considering paying to upgrade to the 512.  I can't help
but wonder about the stability of a company that is experiencing such obvious
billing issues....

diabetic 22 years, pumping for 2.5 years, and pays every bill on time every
time - no exceptions....

Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 21:16:03 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] MM and a surprise bill from 2001?

I seem to remember some discussion a while back and some folks were
saying that all of the sudden they got a bill from minimed for supplies a few
years  ago. I got a bill from them saying that I owe my copay of 301.00 from
the entire year of 2001.  I find that hard to believe that I did not pay them
the entire year.  If I did not pay them as they claim then I would probably
not be getting my supplies in 2002 and 2003, which I did and am getting with
no  problem. So, my question is, how did you all figure this mess out? I
am so mad because I know I paid that and unfortunately, I did not save my
returned checks to prove it.  Thanks.
~Donna K
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