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[IP] Re: Eye examinations

    It sounds as if some of these people are repeating the general medical
policy that diabetes generally doesn't  effect the eyes until the 10 year
mark (?), so they can't fix anything. I don't know how they would answer the
YMMV question.
    Several years ago I read a report on the NEI web site that connected
rates of missed diagnosis with the different medical people. As I recall the
GP had about a 60% failure, the optometrist had about 30 or40% rate, the
ophthalmologist had about 20% and the retina specialist was at a surprising
9%. Keep in mind that these are averages.
    If I were you I would go with the ophthalmologist for about 10 years or
until he says that there are some changes taking place and then at that
point switch over to a retina doc who your have identified in that carefree
10 year period. That research is very important. There are some bad retina
docs out there and with your eyes not able to take any more damage it is not
the time to trust a business man masquerading as an ophthalmologist or
retina specialist. You don't want to be in that 9%.            Peter

> Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 06:01:29 -0800 (PST)
> From: Mary Nosir <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #650
>  Last year when I went for my annual eye exam I was told by the retina
 > specialist that I dont need to see a retina specialist because I dont have
> damage to my eyes yet. He said that I could see an opthalmologist instead.
 > do you guys think? I don't wear glasses so I never had to go to the eye
 > until I developed type 1 back in 1997. A nurse that I worked with who had
> told me that I should be careful in selecting an eye doctor because the
> opthalmologist she went to didnt pick up on the changes in her eyes and she
> a hemorrhage and now is blind in one eye. Do opthalmologists really check for
 > bleeders? I had been to other retina specialists in Ky and Cincinnati and
 > never said I dont need to come to a specialist. I live in Baltimore now and
> was a retina specialist here who says I dont need to come there. Perhaps he
> just disappointed with the reimbersement rate of my Aetna HMO. You guys seem
> know a lot about eyes so let me know what !
>  you think.
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