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[IP] Not quitting but close to it


I am sorry to hear about your problems.  I too used the 6mm quick set.  I
have used it since day one.  I too was diagnosed in 2002.  I started pumping
4 months later and yes my highest readings (>250) were after pumping and
because of the bad canulas.  It is not a fair comparison because I was only
on MDI for 4 months and had tons of lows which are just as bad as having the

I use pretty much anywhere that there is a bit of fat. I must say that after
being on the pump for a bit over a year I have a bit more fat all around :o)
than when I was on a strict diet on MDI.

To your problem, I have found that if I do not used the inserter, I have all
sorts of problems like you mentioned (bent canulas, canulas not going all
the way in, etc.)  I now don't insert without the inserter anymore.  I was
able to do it before, but I realized the odds increase too much (for my
comfort) when I insert by hand.

I don't know if you are using the inserter for the quick set or not, but
that is what I do now and I can't remember the last bent canula.  Also, make
sure the quickset is sitting firmly in the inserter.  I use my belly, I
don't like it there for other reasons (I have less fat there so sometimes it
stings a bit, also my pants sometimes get caught on it, the tape tend to
undo more and I get the dreaded round gooie circles when I remove AND I
cannot do abs when I go to the gym for fear of having a low by exercising my
infusion area) but in the interest of keeping the infusion sites an inch and
a month apart from each other I have to eventually rotate to the belly.  My
butt is big but not over month worth of big :o)

Also, just to be sure, try a set from a different lot.  I have read here
that sometimes it is the specific production lot that is causing the
problem.  For what I understand, if you find this to be true, you can call
MM and they will exchange the box.

I hope you are able to find a solution to the problem.  I have not used any
other infusion sets since I have been very happy with the quickset so I am
not able to recommended.

Dx'd 2/11/02 pumping since June'02 (MM's 511 Paradigm)

> From: Debra Depuy <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Not quitting but close to it
Snip ....
> So some how in
> inserting the quickset something is going wrong.  I am using 6mm QS
> with the quicksetter.  The location is just above the belly button
> crease - about 1 inch a above that fold.  I don't have very much fat
> but I can pinch a good inch there.  Twice I have taken out the "bad"
> site to find it never went in.  One time it had gone in but the end of
> the cannual was bent.  This is the second time in 5 weeks that I have
> had this crisis.  I'm on my 4th site in 24 hours and I'm not sure this
> one is good.  I'm not stupid.  I am trainable.  What am I doing wrong?
> I have called my pump trainer but I think you guys might be better at
> finding my errors.  I only read the digest so by the time I get this
> digest I hope I have a good site going again.
> Any suggestions: on what I'm doing wrong?
> how to tell if a site is bad before letting bg rise to 300+?
> how frequently I will experience bad site crisis like this?
> (twice in 5 weeks seems like more than my share :P)
> thanks in advance,
> debra
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