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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #650

 Last year when I went for my annual eye exam I was told by the retina
specialist that I dont need to see a retina specialist because I dont have any
damage to my eyes yet. He said that I could see an opthalmologist instead. What
do you guys think? I don't wear glasses so I never had to go to the eye doctor
until I developed type 1 back in 1997. A nurse that I worked with who had type 1
told me that I should be careful in selecting an eye doctor because the
opthalmologist she went to didnt pick up on the changes in her eyes and she had
a hemorrhage and now is blind in one eye. Do opthalmologists really check for
bleeders? I had been to other retina specialists in Ky and Cincinnati and they
never said I dont need to come to a specialist. I live in Baltimore now and it
was a retina specialist here who says I dont need to come there. Perhaps he was
just disappointed with the reimbersement rate of my Aetna HMO. You guys seem to
know a lot about eyes so let me know what !
 you think.

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