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[IP] laser IS preventative

Laura wrote:
> those who have been dealing with doctors who want to do laser only 
> as a prevention, and I just don't think it is wise.  You do have those 
>lingering effects, and like both my doctors said, once it is done it 
> cannot be undone.

I have to disagree.  Sure, there are risks...but there are risks just getting 
out of bed in the morning.  Hell, you could go to work like usual and a king 
kong sized gorilla could squash it like a bug!....Losing a little peripheral 
vision and some night vision will not end anyone's life or their ability to 
 drive and the good it can do FAR outweighs the risk, at least in my not so
opinion!   Get another professional opinion if you can, but laser CAN and 
 DOES prevent bleeds. I wish wish wish I had had pan retinal on BOTH eyes back
May of 1990!!!!   At that time, the guy said i should come back in a couple 
months to get the other eye done...and i ignored him...I moved to CO and was 
working at a ski area...I broke my leg right before thanksgiving and 2 weeks 
later my unlasered eye bled.......I had constant bleeds for the next FOUR 
 FREAKING YEARS!!! Finally the eye stoipped reabsorbing the blood and I had to
the vitrectomy.  The eye that DID get pan retina laser in 1990 NEVER had new 
growth again, (since I had gotten on the pump and improved my control 
 drastically), and the doctor says the reason I started to bleed in that eye was
due to
pulling of the vitreous on the retina, apparently a natural process of 
 aging...Since my vitreous has been basically stapled to the retina by the laser
 1990, now that it was pulling away, it was kinda like what happens when you
pick a
scab...it bleeds a little....so it was NOT due to Retinopathy, 100%, that i 
had all the troubles with that eye...

nonetheless...I still wholeheartedly recommend the laser...of course,I would 
also suggest seeing a diabetic RETINAL specialists, and NOT a mere 
 opthamaologist. Bleeding in your eye sucks...and if you are worried about
losing a
 little peripheral or night vision, imagine NOT BEIING ABLE TO SEE AT ALL
because of
the black swirling spider webs that float across your eye when you get a 
bleed...it does NOT just sink to the bottom of your eye...it FLOATS there, 
 suspended in that vitreous jelly...slowly rising, swirling and settling, like a
of locusts.....until your body reabsorbs it...then you sit on pins and 
needles WAITING FOR THE NEXT one....

My friend Julie had laser year and years ago and has never had a problem with 
her eyes since....a couple others are like that too...didn't you have some 
laser Pearl?

My emoticon for a long time was *-) =B xoxxx~~~~~~~~[507]  that is me with my 
one eye, long neck, droopy boobies, scar around my belly button and my long 
tubing on my 507

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