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[IP] Re: vitrectomy experience

Mike, I am a bit surprised  to hear that they are doing both the vitrectomy
and the cataract at the same time. You must have youth on your side. The
vitrectomy and all of the injections ( except that damn  IV thing that goes
into your wrist) are done while you are out  ; how deeply seems to vary. I
woke up once to watch things from the inside - made the mistake of asking a
question- a bad time to talk to the surgeon- people scrambled and the lights
went out again. Still, I didn't feel any thing and was completely calm. I
have never had problems ( apprehension of the unknown -yes) with shots
either on the table or in the office chair. My patch came off the next day (
and stayed off) when the doc checked his work. If they are going to do
something to the retina there may be a period of blurred vision. From my
experience I can tell you --don't worry.            Peter

> From: "Mike Moffat" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Victrectomy
> HI all,
> I am having a victrectomy and a lens implant next week. The first one was
> called off because the doctor had an emergency.
 > Can anyone who has had this done tell me what to expect before, during, and
> after.  Can you see the instruments while they are doing the surgery or are
> the lights to bright. Where do they inject the local. I know it`s not into
> your eyeball but t must be darn close.  Hope about the drugs the give you by
 > iv did they send you into lala land. And last how long did you have to where
> patch on your eye.  As usual I understand YMMV    mike in Canada  
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