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Re: [IP] RE IP] Not quitting but close to it

I had to chime in here because our situation here is so much different from 
all of yours so far.  Where we live we do NOT have ANY CDEs at our disposal.  
We have terrific access to our TERRIFIC endo for Joshua but no CDEs and no 
 speicalized trainers. We were the second pumper for our endo and his partner so
they have been learning along with us.

I was TERRIFIED about the idea of learning an electronic gadget.  I'm so NOT 
a technical geek or even close to it.  But I quickly found that the hardest 
part for us was learning how to do the site insertions and deal with the 
multiple problems we had the first YEAR of pumping.

FOUR years later and a new pump now too, and Josh is doing GREAT!  I don't 
have to worry too much about the technical stuff because Josh seems to 'know' 
how to deal with all of that and has been very good at showing his mom what 
needs to be done.  On our first pump four years ago we literally had ZERO 
 training. We were given the video and the manual and that was it. For the
Deltec we
had a great trainer come out and spend most of an afternoon with us and went 
over things step by step, especially with Josh who is the pump wearer.

As for figuring out carb counting and the basals and bolus ratios and 
 what-not....I really have to THANK this list but especially Kerri, mom to many
mom to Shannon who was the #1 pumper for our endo (two weeks before Josh!!!).  
She is one of the smartest people I know and an avid reader.  Anyway, through 
 this list and Kerri Josh and I managed to get through that first year of H---.
We almost quit so many times it isn't funny!  But now....well, stuff happens. 
 For some it all comes real easy (so it sounds on some of the reports here on 
the list) but for others, like us and you too, Debra, things are pretty tough 
in the beginning and VERY discouraging after reading about all of the success 
stories here.  Pretty soon Debra you will be one of those success stories.

But then, if after giving it your best shot and you still can't get it, then 
maybe pumping isn't meant for you.  It isn't necessarily meant for everyone.  
But give it a good try and ask this list ALL of your questions and concerns.

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
DMer 6+ years, IPer almost 4 and about to turn 12 in Dec.
Dis H-Tron+ (GREAT pump) 3.5 years, and now Deltec Cozmo 'PUMPY' since August 
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