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[IP] Re: static electricity discharges

>I sleep in cotton fabric and keep the pump touching my skin as a MM
>engineer has advised this would be the best way to ground it, better
>than in their case or wrapped in a dryer sheet.  These steps have cut
>down on how often my pump stops working but have not eliminated the
>It would be wonderful if MM had other ideas, but they seem to have run
>out of options.  They have never suggested any further ideas and
>basically just offer me another pump, but every pump has done the exact
>same thing.


I'm sorry, but as discussed, Minimed has no answers.  For years this has been
a huge achiles heel for them,
and either they don't believe it's too costly to pursue, or they can't figure
out what the problem is.
Personally, I believe it to be the former, because this is a non-issue for
other pumps.
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