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[IP] UltraSmart Rebate Offer Warning Update

An update to my message below.  On Saturday I returned the UltraSmart meter 
in their postage paid mailer and sent letters to the chairman of the LifeScan 
Group complaining about their unfair and misleading advertising and rebate 
 offer. Today (the following Monday) I received a call from a Mr. Bradford head
marketing for UltraSmart in response to my letter. He thanked me for my 
 input, said that they have received other complaints that excluding most
 meters from their rebate offer penalizes existing LifeScan customers, said that
he has developed revised wording for the boxes and in the future they WILL 
accept their own meters for the trade-in offer.  

He indicated that he also has diabetes and has been thinking about going on 
 an insulin pump. We spent a lot of time talking about the advantages of a pump
and pump options and I gave him the address of this web site which he was not 
familiar with.  I appreciate their extremely prompt reply, correction of 
something I thought was wrong, and look forward to my new UltraSmart.


 Tue, 4 Nov 2003 <A HREF="mailto:email @ redacted">email @ redacted</A>
The current Rite Aid advertising supplement in the S. F. Bay Area (and I 
assume elsewhere) includes the following for an UltraSmart meter "Sales 
 Price:$69.99 - Less Manufacture's on Pack Rebate: $20.00 - Less Trade-in:
$30.00, Your
Final Cost After Rebate and Trade-in: $19.99" -- which is a very good price.  
Having waited for a sale to trade my old FastTake backup meter for an 
 UltraSmart to then use my Ultra as a backup (since they use the same strips), I
one. However, the rebate information disclosed ONLY inside the sealedboxsays 
that the trade-in applies only to non-LifeScan and LifeScan Profile meters.  I 
phoned LifeScan to complain about their misleading marketing and the 
 information person confirmed that no LifeScan meter other than a Profile (which
I had
previously used as a trade-in for my Ultra) would be accepted, agreed with me 
that it was misleading and didn't know why the limitations on the trade-in are 
ONLY disclosed inside the sealed box.  Since what I thought was going to be a 
$20 purchase became a $50 one, as a matter of principle, I am having them take 
it back under their "satisfaction guarantee" return.   
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