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[IP] Victrectomy - Last Thursday

This past Thursday I had a vitrectomy, lens implant, and Iris suture done.
I'm not sure why most people get them done, I would love an explanation, but
all my work was related to a trauma. - A baseball struck my right eye in 1990,
causing a cataract, major cornea scarring, and tearing up the iris.

Things were very bad.  All but blind.  An implant was not done becasue my eye
could not handle it.  The trauma made my eye turnout as well.  I used a
contact lens for a few months but that didn't work well , and had eye muscle,
but the eye just turned out again.  Doctors surmise that there were 2 reasons,
1) even with a contact, the image was only ~20/50, without it, 20/400, ie the
big E at the top of the chart.  1) the contact since it was on the outside of
my eye made any image larger than an internal lens would have done.

They told me to wait 10 years before trying anything again.  It has now been

The vitrectomy was done done to remove scar tissue, the lens implanted was
only the power to bring my right eye to equivalence to the left - glasses will
make up  the difference, the iris suture giuives me a normal looking pupil and
takes away excessive glare.

Surgery took 90 minutes.  I was given an anasthetic combo of a "local" that
knocked me out for an hour, plus a nerve block to the operated eye, which
meanted i couldn't see nor feel anything.  Pump was on, staff wanted me to do
whatever I felt comfortable doing.

The day after surgery......I could read multiple lines on the chart.
UNBELIEVABLE!  Over the weekedn I could actually watch television and follow
what was going on!

Issues:  2 days of itchiness.  Drops every 2 hours.  5 different ones,
throught the day.  Bandage comes off the day after, Eye shield at night for
several weeks.

Healing and final image clarity is supposed to come after2 months.  With a
lens, I should be able to see 20/25.

I thought I would never see again.

The doublevision will be handled in one of 3 ways, 1) nature, 2) prism, 3) eye
muscle surgery.  The cornea might be left as is depending final image, 2)
lasered, ie filed down, or 3) cornea transplant.

Good luck!
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