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Re: [IP] Bolusing and eating out

On Monday, November 10, 2003, at 01:51 PM, insulin-pumpers-digest wrote:

> Even at home, I usually bolus after I have eaten because I have found
> that my appetite can change thru the meal, food might not taste as good
> as I thought, or it might even be spoiled.  I got sick of being locked
> into a certain CHO amount and then having a 'crisis' if I didn't get 
> it.

A sort of compromise way, that pumping makes much easier to do <gr.>, 
is to bolus some portion of what you expect to need before the meal, 
and fine tune it afterwards.  This, incidentally, is also my usual way 
of dealing with breakfast, at a time of day when insulin seems to take 
longer to get going for me.  This allows me to get some insulin into my 
system when I get up, without having to decide yet just what I am going 
to eat.  It doesn't work, of course, if there is a possibility you are 
going to end up eating nothing, though.

Linda Z
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