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Re:[IP] fish or cut bait

On Monday, November 10, 2003, Bob Alexander <email @ redacted> 

> Which is more important, maintaining a working relationship with my
> endo, or having a CDE i can work with?
I agree with the previous posts that you should mention your problems 
with the CDE to the endo, if you like him.  LOL  I know the problem 
with not having some medical people recognize non-packaged foods as 
being really food. I once had a dietician give me a printed diet made 
up entirely of fast food and packaged foods -- well, I guess it 
included some raw fruits, but a typical lunch was a MacDonald's 
hamburger, and the vegetables directions called for such things as 
sawing a box of frozen vegetables in half.  When I expressed wonder at 
the whole idea, she insisted most people preferred it that way -- so, 
presumably, I should, too.  Maybe if you showed your CDE some of your 
sources for the nutritional information for the foods you eat?  But, of 
course, that is you helping her, not her helping you <gr.> -- is there 
anything she IS helpful with?

I once began seeing an endo primarily because I liked the CDE, and then 
she left within the year!  I had to re-negotiate my  whole relationship 
with the endo, at that point.  So I'd be a little worried about leaving 
an endo I liked.  That CDE I liked so much was a pumper, and I would 
think that would certainly usually be a plus, but I went to a pumping 
endo once (walked out during the first visit) who would have been a 
horrible doctor for me -- she didn't listen, and was dictatorial.  Do 
you KNOW that you can work well with the pumping CDE?

But of course, the free parking ... <gr.>

Linda Z
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