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Re: [IP] Old MM bill

>I would think that this move by Medtronics could actually be considered
>illegal? Any lawyers on here?

no, but, id like to know why ? I'd have to think, the accountants, and 
legal department, have already hashed this out ??

look at it this way.... they send this out to 20,000 people
99% say, "this is nuts... im not paying this"...
1% for what ever reason, do pay it..
$301.00 each x 2000 = $602,000.00 (a nice bonus, for the accounting department)

Hey, maybe they can put that towards resolving that "static problem"
(dont jump me for that)

I know a lot of people, including ME, love their pump, and the company that 
supplies it....
They have made such a major improvement, in My lifestyle,
how can i ever repay them for that ??
BUT (BUT) I and you Do ........ to the tune of $200+ a month.... $2400 
(+/-) a year, not to mention the pump itself.

though I, and i assume a number of folks, are under this "spell", of being 
cared for, they are nothing more than a company, attempting to make as much 
for the CEO, and the stockholders, as they can, without getting locked up 
for it.. They are not some great moral machine.. They are not your 
mother....their concern for you ??.... little more then a by-product, at 
the end of the fiscal year...

i wonder?? I dont feel the same about Lilly, or BD, and were it not for 
them, id be dead 47 years ago... i guess maybe its the intimacy, of the pump..

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