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Re: [IP] static electricity discharges

 I worked in an assembly plant with ESD sensitive electronic devices. To work on
the line one was required to the proper dress codes as shoes, paints,gloves,
codes and discharging devices. Before going to the line we hade to discharge
ourselves to the ground as the electronic devices to be assembled. This is to
say there are many methods to get charged up and discharged. After so many pumps
there may be a set of conditions that do yours pump in. If you traced all your
ESD steps there may be something that is seen to be the common cause. Somethings
like grounding to a common electric circuit as we did in production. I will bet
MM could arrange for a ESD common. It will take a bit of tracing. There are
people who do this as a Profession.
Best of All to You

"Andrew Bender (spot)" <email @ redacted> wrote:

Date: Thu, 06 Nov 2003 21:56:54 -0500
From: Judi 
Subject: Re: [IP] Re: static electricity

Well, I've had 13 pumps in a little over two years of pumping with a MM,
eight 508s, then four 511s and all of them shorted out. MM says it's
some sort of a static problem inside my body. Not a good answer for
over $5,000. I've tried dryer sheets, special leather cases, static
guard and many other things, but still have the problem, in Michigan yet
in the summer with very high humidity. I'm so fed up I'm trying to get
another brand of pump but my insurance is fighting me and MM will only
give me another pump. Since I've already had 13 I don't see another one
as being a good answer.

Judi in MI
- --------------------------------------
I'd talk to another pump vendor such as Nipro or Cozmo or whom ever you might
want to use. Tell your insurer there is some unique property of the pump and
minimed should take it back with no argument. get a written agreement that
your new pump will be free of static discharges. another possibility is to
wear surgeon's shoes which are conductive. not fashionable but conductive.
they come in white, only or the scrub nurses have colorful clogs which are
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