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Re: [IP] Victrectomy

 In a message dated 11/10/2003 4:34:54 PM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> HI all,
> I am having a victrectomy and a lens implant next week. The first one was
> called off because the doctor had an emergency.
 > Can anyone who has had this done tell me what to expect before, during, and
> after.  Can you see the instruments while they are doing the surgery or are
> the lights to bright. Where do they inject the local. I know it`s not into
> your eyeball but t must be darn close.  Hope about the drugs the give you by
 > iv did they send you into lala land. And last how long did you have to where
> patch on your eye.  As usual I understand YMMV    mike in 
> Canada  Nice day
> here six degrees Canadian that`s around 42  American.

 Mike, I had two of those surgeries in 1998 three weeks apart. They go very
quickly, under 30 minutes and you feel absolutelu nothing.

 The inject anesthetic last for the duration but is the strongest in the first
5-10 minutes.. you do not see anything because if they do it the same way as
mine the only thing that is exposed is the eye they are working on and the lens
is destroyed fairly quickly. The new one is transplanted immediately thereafter.

 I wore the patch for about 24 hours afterward and came out 20/15 in the eye at
that time. The ritual of the antibiotics and non-infammatory drops is the most
difficult part. I had to do them in decreasing ways for about a week afterwards.
Takes only time and patience.

As you said YMMV.

Hope that everything goes well for you.

Good Luck,
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