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Re: [IP] Bolusing and eating out

I have recently started handling eating out in this way:

 Once I know what I'm going to eat and estimated it's carbs, I'll bolus, but use
a 30-minute square wave. This is because when I eat out, I tend to eat slower
and in stages. This gives the advantage of avoiding a low because I haven't
eaten everything yet, and also the option to stop the remaining bolus if I
decide to not finish everything, etc. This has actually been working quite well
for me, and I don't have to worry about forgetting to bolus, which I had done a
few times when eating out before.


 > Once I sit down at a restaurant I check my BG and record it in my log book
>if I am taking any sort of a correction I take it at that point. I LEAVE THE 
>LOG BOOK OUT until my food comes - at that time I go ahead and calculate and 
>take my meal bolus and put the book away. It becomes my "cross check" to make 
 >sure that I don't start yakking and enjoying the meal and forget to take my
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