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[IP] Re: Diabetes in ER

 I'm not claiming victim status in the slightest. I'm stating a fact that you
went personal very quickly.

>>Yikes.  Personal attacks so soon!  

 I also didn't overreact. I believe my initial post on the subject was balanced,
and I said I was a "bit disappointed" with ER on the matter because they try so
hard to be as accurate as possible. (They have multiple medical professionals
they consult in order to attempt to be accurate.) All I'm saying is that I was a
bit disappointed in how they handled this Type 1 situation, since they really
haven't dealt with Type 1 before. Hopefully it will improve.

 If anyone is overreacting, your comments indicate you are overreacting to me.
:-) The fact is, I can see where they came up with the story as they did. They
took a bunch of medical "facts" about diabetes, but assembled them poorly.
That's all. Not a big deal. As I stated, I'm certainly not going to stop
watching the show. (I have barely missed a single episode in the umpteen years
it has been on.) I have no plans to write them in any form. Just brought it up
to say I was disappointed in how they did it!

 I still believe they had their facts wrong, regardless of whether they said
hyper or hypo.


> Eh? Are you claiming victim status now because I imply that perhaps cetain
>invdividuals couldn't distinguish between HYPO & HYPER on television? C'mon,
>what are you a political analyst for CNN? Let's call a spade a spade. People
>overreacted just a bit after watching Thursday's ER.
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