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[IP] don't quit!

Debra wrote:
> I'm a newbie to the pump.  I've had it for 5 weeks. SNIP
> the pumpis working but it is not accomplishing its function.  SNIP
> the insulin is not getting to my body 

First of all, remember a couple of things...1) this is STILL new.  2) the 
pump is ONLY a machine that can only do what YOU the human tell it to do  3) 
 there are OTHER sets out there you can try. You are NOT stupid...it just is NOT
something everyone can pick up in a few days or even a few weeks!  I would say 
it took me a good 3 months before I was confident about doing set changes

Debra, a blood sugar over 300 may suck and make you feel like crap, but you 
will not die from it.  Just take care of it, like you are doing, and keep 
experimenting.  This is why you keep those syringes on hand....3 unexplainable 
 highs in a row and you use a syringe and then change out your set. When in
change it out.  Once, I have had to change sites 3 times in one day, and not 
cuz I was ripping them out...i just could not seem to find a place that 

Since you are thin, and you are finding the canula BENT when you take it out, 
perhaps the sof set, which goes straight in, is bumping up against muscle or 
bone and insulin can't get out.  Try the tender, or even the bent needle set, 
or get the micro, the set children use...super super short canula.  ask your 
rep for samples.  If you can't get them from your rep, call the companies 
direct...call the reps for the OTHER companies too...they are all pretty much 

Maybe try lower down on your belly...I tend to go BELOW the belly button - 
you  might have a little more padding there than you do just below your 
 ribs....avoiding the 2" on either side of my center line... try your side, your
try your leg...everyone is different and all you can do is keep trying....in 
the mean time, keep those syringes handy and try not to panic....

Other ways to tell if the site may be bad is if it is red or slightly warm to 
the touch.  also it shouldn't HURT to touch it...Not that these things 
necessarily mean a bad site, but MAYBE....

> twice in 5 weeks seems like more than my share 

Nahhhhhhhh...not for a newbie...this is damn good in my opinion!  Keep 

Sara Smarty Pants
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