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[IP] Re:Diabetes in ER


>>I am also VERY confident that the mother said HYPER not HYPO. I came on IP
 >>later the next day and started reading about this and started to wonder if
>>original poster who was so disappointed was starting to suffer from 

>Yikes.  Personal attacks so soon!  

 Eh? Are you claiming victim status now because I imply that perhaps cetain
invdividuals couldn't distinguish between HYPO & HYPER on television? C'mon,
what are you a political analyst for CNN? Let's call a spade a spade. People
overreacted just a bit after watching Thursday's ER.

 >In my over 20 years with diabetes, being high...even into the 400's...has
>resulted in me acting "funny". Nor have I ever heard of this as a symptom. The
 >closest to this would be that if I'm high for a while, I start to feel
>or depressed.

 Well apparently in your 20 years you have not learned that YMMV!!! Sometimes
it's very apparent just looking into the eyes, sometimes it comes off in
conversation, etc, but it's true. Nevertheless, for you to claim that it is
clinically untrue is sad. Sometimes I feel phisically sick from a 300-400
reading if it's resulted from a bad site.

>Again, I said that the mother grabbed and looked at his FOREARM. I have yet to
>meet ANY diabetics who give shots in the forearm...

 I saw the mother grab the child by the wrist and turn it over to look at the
bicep area of the upper arm, that's where I always gave my shots. Perhaps the
camera angle made it look too subjective for you. Either way....I think you're
digging a little too deep on this point...their actors, not real nurses and

>I already stated that I may have heard that wrong...


 >but there were several other inaccuracies of the whole situation. Of course,
>I'm not even getting into the things my WIFE was upset about, such as why this
>mother was leaving her child completely unattended, and blaming the
>doctor...and presuming the doctor should automatically KNOW he is diabetic 

 Ahh! but you see this is a TV show! They are dramatizing the scene in order to
give Dr Kovach a reason to apologize and maybe even romance mom! I don't think
any viewers, not me at least, saw that and thought hhmmmmm....that Doctor should
have known that the kid was diabetic, no way. I took it as just a typical
overstressed single mom, laying out her wrath on the manchild playing video
games with her son; instead of having the luxury of the childs father to be
there with him as a real father would be......TAKING care of him.

>without there being a medical alert bracelet or any other indication. 

Never had one.....still looking into getting my first one and from where.

 >What about the fact that this child, who was 12 or 13 (he was referred,
>implicitly, as a teenager) didn't make any indication himself about being

See my last comment.

 >Or, how about the fact that in UNDER 2 hours, he went from eating some ice
>cream to DKA with fruity breath and acting "funny".

 Hmm....Interesting you took that scene to mean that he should have had his MDI
dose to cover his ice cream. I took it as a kid whose mom was late from work,
who never took his dinner insulin (regular + nph -that was my childhood
regimen). If I was 2-3 hours late taking my 5pm regular & NPH, I'd be sky high
too. In any case, I think you're overanalyzing this scene.

 >I've been a diabetic for years and never ONCE been DKA, even with BGLs running
>into the 400's.

 Congratulations to you again. I've read alot of reports where children are
sometimes too embarrased to give their shot on their own in public. Actually,
when I was a kid, I didn't know how to deal with my diabetes, that I hid it from
everyone, everyone! None of my freinds ever knew, not until we were out of
highschool at least.

 Like I said before...what's more logical....some people misheard HYPO vs HYPER,
or ER the show, blew the scene by calling him HYPO with a 340 BG?
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