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[IP] Bolusing and eating out

ive bolused, when ive sat down, only to have dinner delayed....
ME.... i WAIT till its in front of me, AND ive tasted it
(i have run into uneatable food, and, had i already bolused, i might be up 
that proverbial creek)

i dont get, why she didnt go for, what i think are the simple 
request.......... bread...(and/or a virgin whiskey sour, or coke/pepsi)

ALSO. i'd bet, she had NOT tested, before she sat down)....
Were she low,  she should have maybe, waited to bolus. ( i cant see 
bolusing right away, if you're 62)

i surely dont run into the problems i had, prior to pumping (Pre lantus and 
huma/novo log days),
BUT, i still keep stuff (emergency food, tabs,.candy.. etc) with me....i AM 
STILL diabetic....
(um.......... a person with diabetes)

 >> diabetic coma....
a misnomer, i can live with....you say "insulin reaction", or 
"hypoglycemia", some people may need to go watch ER, so they know what your 
talking about... you say "Diabetic COMA", or "diabetic shock".... the world 
reacts, and quickly i might add....... ;-)

Any chance, she was looking for "quicker than average service ?????" (i 
most certainly hope not)

im not sure, of the "rules"..... I WAIT... but not till after ive eaten....
there is this "byte bolus" thing, but, thats a bit too disruptive, for me..

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