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Re: [IP] Diabetes in ER

>I am also VERY confident that the mother said HYPER not HYPO. I came on IP
>later the next day and started reading about this and started to wonder if the
>original poster who was so disappointed was starting to suffer from 

Yikes.  Personal attacks so soon!  

>I did not see any inherent "inaccuracies" either as some have claimed. My wife
>now, and my parents before, when I was young, could tell when I was high 
>because I was acting "funny". 

 In my over 20 years with diabetes, being high...even into the 400's...has never
resulted in me acting "funny". Nor have I ever heard of this as a symptom. The
closest to this would be that if I'm high for a while, I start to feel sluggish
or depressed.

>As for the mother looking on the child's arm, if 
>said child had a regular rotation program of shots it would be easy to spot a 
>recent injection at the site. As a child, it was very easy to bruise from arm
>injections, nothing major, but easily visible.

 Again, I said that the mother grabbed and looked at his FOREARM. I have yet to
meet ANY diabetics who give shots in the forearm...but I have met PLENTY of
people who THINK that you give shots throught the veins, much like a drug addict
would or something. Perhaps that wasn't the intent of the action, but it was
what was portrayed.

> The posts that I read on this forum have sounded so ridiculous to me. What is
>more likely: A) You misheard HYPO instead of HYPER, or B) ER completely blew 
>the scene and the symptoms and results of hyperglycemia in an 8 year old and  
>even went so far as to call me him HYPO-glycemic even though he had a BG of 

 I already stated that I may have heard that wrong...but there were several
other inaccuracies of the whole situation. Of course, I'm not even getting into
the things my WIFE was upset about, such as why this mother was leaving her
child completely unattended, and blaming the doctor...and presuming the doctor
should automatically KNOW he is diabetic without there being a medical alert
bracelet or any other indication. What about the fact that this child, who was
12 or 13 (he was referred, implicitly, as a teenager) didn't make any indication
himself about being diabetic. Or, how about the fact that in UNDER 2 hours, he
went from eating some ice cream to DKA with fruity breath and acting "funny".
I've been a diabetic for years and never ONCE been DKA, even with BGLs running
into the 400's.

>Use some common sense people...please!

If you knew me, you wouldn't make such a statement.

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