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Re: [IP] Bolusing and eating out

That's always a question I have.

I do wait and dose until I have the food, as I have had things happen like
not end up with the food I ordered, etc.

I also like the extended bolus because you can cancel it in the middle.  A
couple of times when I've gone to buffet type restaurants, or restaurant
that serve very large servings, is to enter the whole amount as an extended
bolus, then canceled it before it ended, and did a regular bolus to finish
off how much I actually did eat.

I try real hard to make the insulin curve match the food.  I've come out
pretty good lately.  Recently we ate at El Chico's and I never went over 160
all evening.

And Saturday night we had pizza, and managed the same thing then.

> Ah, I have thought of a title and a question for all.  When do you bolus
> a restaurant meal?  When you order?  Or when the food gets to the table?
> personally, bolus after I get the meal and sometimes even after I have
> how much of it I want!
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