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[IP] Re: questions about eyes and lasers


You'll be just fine!  I had laser in my right eye about 5 years ago.  At that 
time I had been told I was allergic to xylocaine so I did the laser with no 
numbing agent!  Did great until it was all over and I stood up, then I blacked 
No, you will not be able to drive immediately after.  I don't remember 
anything about fuzziness from the laser.

I just had a vitrectomy top remove a membrane off my right eye.  Fuzzy?  Oh, 
yeah, fuzzy indeed!  And guess what?  I am not, repeating, not allergic to 
 xylocaine! For 25 years I thought I was. Have gone through the laser and teeth
drillings with no numbing agent.  Thank God the anesthesiologist was brave and 
did a sight test on my arm before surgery!
I did wake up during the vitrectomy!  It was an awesome experience, I got to 
watch the surgery from the inside out!!  Doc apologized for me waking up.  
 Shoot, I told him I wished he had video taped it so I could have watched it
both sides!  LOL  My husband got to watch the surgery on television set as 
they did it.

Oh yeah, they wanted me to take the pump off but I left it on.  I did, 
 purposely, raise my bg to 200 for them. Only went up 14 points during surgery
was down to the 104 pre-surgical time within 2 hours of post surgery.

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