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[IP] Old MM Bills

Jan and ElvisToo Said:
*Do* they "deserve" to collect that money? If MM negotiated a price, 
then that's the price they agreed to accept. No more. I don't think it's 
right for them to come back and take more than the price they agreed to take.
 I received one of these notifications, too, and they are trying to bill me for
purchases dating back to 1999 (I've been using MM pumps since about 1990), in
addition to some co-pay they seem to think I owe for when I upgraded to my 508.
I used the "program" MM had in place to return my old pump to cover whatever it
was my two insurance companies did not cover (and my recollection is that
between my primary and secondary insurances, the entire pump was paid in
full...seems to me I should have received a refund of some sort!).
 I've placed my call in to MM, along with everyone else who is disgruntled about
receiving such overdue/unwarranted billings, but I will not let it rest there,
because I don't think a phone call is going to satisfactorily address the
problems. I will be faxing a letter to the number they provided and put the
burden on THEM to show me where my insurance coverage has been inadequate. Just
a suggestion to those also facing these threats of collection (a two-week notice
for payment, then a threat for collection? I don't think so...).
 I've been a faithful MM customer for longer than most of you, but that will
change when it's time for my next pump, that's for sure. I've never had a
problem in the past, although I've never made a lot of calls to them for
troubleshooting, etc.
 Any reps from MM as part of this forum who would like to address this issue?

Kathy Fagan
Dx 10/68, Pumping 12/17/82
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