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[IP] Bolusing and eating out

I am having a hard time deciding what to title this post so guess I won't 
give it one---yet.

My husband is a manager at a local restaurant.  Yesterday, during the lunch 
rush, one of the waitresses came running into the kitchen area demanding food 
for a customer.  She stated the customer was a diabetic, had given herself 
insulin and was going to go into a diabetic coma.  My husband told her No, she 
 wasn't, tell her to eat some sugar. Another waitress told him the lady was
to go into diabetic shock.  Again, he replied, No, she won't.  Get her some 
milk and have her drink it.  He also told them by the time they finished 
 arguing with him, her food would be out anyway. One of the waitresses asked him
he thought he was such an expert on diabetes.  His reply?  My wife has been a 
diabetic for 40 years and I have lived with her for 30 of that 40 years.  
He took the food to the lady himself and talked with the lady.  She had been 
a diabetic for about 4 years and was on a MM pump that her dr had put her on 
recently.  He and my daughter, who is a waitress, meet all kinds of pumpers at 
their respective restaurants.  Me?  I've never met anyone else except the lady 
who introduced me to the pump.
Ah, I have thought of a title and a question for all.  When do you bolus for 
a restaurant meal?  When you order?  Or when the food gets to the table?  I, 
personally, bolus after I get the meal and sometimes even after I have eaten 
how much of it I want!

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