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[IP] Diabetes in ER

 I am also VERY confident that the mother said HYPER not HYPO. I came on IP
later the next day and started reading about this and started to wonder if the
original poster who was so disappointed was starting to suffer from hearingloss.
I did not see any inherent "inaccuracies" either as some have claimed. My wife
now, and my parents before, when I was young, could tell when I was high because
I was acting "funny". As for the mother looking on the child's arm, if said
child had a regular rotation program of shots it would be easy to spot a recent
injection at the site. As a child, it was very easy to bruise from arm
injections, nothing major, but easily visible.

 The posts that I read on this forum have sounded so ridiculous to me. What is
more likely: A) You misheard HYPO instead of HYPER, or B) ER completely blew the
scene and the symptoms and results of hyperglycemia in an 8 year old and even
went so far as to call me him HYPO-glycemic even though he had a BG of 340.

Use some common sense people...please!

>When watching the broadcast last Thursday night, I felt very secure that
>had said that the boy was HYPERGLYCEMIC.  Now after reading all of the
>about the issue, I went back and re-watched the episode (my boyfriend works
>overnight and we record ER every week so he can watch it), and I still feel
>confident that the nurse/mom stated HYPERGLYCEMIC.  She does say it very
>but I can distinctly hear hyperglycemic, not hypoglycemic
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