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[IP] OLD MiniMed bill and Rant

I also got a MiniMed bill. On 10/20/2003 I got a bill for $976.93 with dates
of 7/2000 and 10/2000. Like others, I don't even have that insurance company
anymore. I was told by MiniMed's billing office what I would owe for each
shipment which I paid over the phone with a credit card, THEN the supplies
would ship and my insurance company paid the rest. I have ordered from them
since that time and was NEVER told I owed anything. I tried the phone and then
sent them a letter basically saying I wasn't going to pay it. I guess we'll
see if they get back to me. The letter had the gall to offer me a 15% discount
on what I "owed" if I paid it quickly enough. I am not happy with these
I sometimes regret that I ever started pumping. It has brought nothing but
financial stress and worry to my life. The insurance company is constantly
playing games with me and changing the rules from year to year. Now that I am
"spoiled" to pumping I really do not want to go back to injections, but I
might end up doing it anyway. I learned so much more about my insulin needs by
pumping that I think I could do a decent job on injections anyway. I am trying
to take good care of myself so that I won't have more complications, but with
my hectic life at work, I haven't been doing so well on the pump lately
anyway. Maybe I will take a vacation from it for a while and try to catch up
on credit card debt and just see how it goes. I'm so tired of having to call
and argue with the insurance companies and my HR department. I can't take much
more stress right now. I was so broke a few months ago that I ran out of my
Paxil and had to wait a few days to get paid so I could renew my prescription.
Let me tell you, that is a TERRIBLE feeling. I think I know how an addict
feels when they are in withdraw now.
This latest bill from MM has pushed the buttons with me. If I can barely tread
water now without drowning in debt, and old bills can magically appear to
haunt me years later, I just don't know how I will be able to cope.
Hey, I look at it this way too--If I have to inject with Humalog for each
meal, I will probably eat less and snack less and maybe I will lose some

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Who thinks insurance companies CAUSE illness. They certainly don't help her
blood pressure, blood sugar, or depression.
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