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[IP] RE IP] Not quitting but close to it

You used the term "pump trainer"....
I have a friend who has been on the pump for a year... i invited her to come
with me, to see me cde (who is also a trainer)...
She was amazed... "temp basal" ..... extended bolus"... theses were things, 
she did Not know HOW to use.... Her "pump trainer" was a representative, 
for one of the larger pump companies....

"pump training", and "controlling diabetes, with or without  a pump", are, 
IMO, two related, but very different task.

I can not speak for anyone but myself, but were it not for my cde, i dont 
think id have a clue what to do, and /or when to do it.
my endo sure doesnt have the time...

Maybe a good CDE could help You.
They were the ones, (him, and his very talented assistant), who did all the 
calculations, and for the most part, the numbers they came up with, on day 
one, are still the ones i use, a year later. AND, the training
i have gotten in "carb counting", and how to deal with Those carbs, seems 
to NOT be related to "using the pump"

Im not saying its a necessity, but my cde, is diabetic, and has been 
pumping for around 8 years....
i can not tell you how confident he makes be feel...
i will only hope, you find someone as helpful as is he has been.

good luck

BTW.... i hope this does not turn into Good "pump trainers" and Not so good 
"pump trainers"
Im SURE, many of you have had Different experiences... this is ONLY mine... 
and applies ONLY to me....
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