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Re: [IP] Not quitting but close to it

>I need some help.  I'm a newbie to the pump.  I've had it for 5 weeks.
>Last night and today I am working through a pump crisis.  My worst fear
>about going on the pump is that it would stop working.  Well, the pump
>is working but it is not accomplishing its function.  In other words,
>the insulin is not getting to my body which in my opinion is just as
>bad.  Before going on the pump I had not had a BG over 300 in a year
>(I've only had diabeasties for 1 year and 5 months).  So some how in
>inserting the quickset something is going wrong.  I am using 6mm QS
>with the quicksetter.  The location is just above the belly button
>crease - about 1 inch a above that fold.

First mistake!  Never insert along the medial line, absorption is 
almost always poor there.  Insert at least one inch off of center. 
Try some different sets, hopefully you received some samples of the 
other sets available to you and do not have a large bunch of 
Quicksets dumped on you.  If there is a problem, there will be at 
least one other solution.

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