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[IP] fish or cut bait

Thanks for the feedback on my vision problems with the Animas pump. 
Does anyone know if the font size is bigger on any other pump? Besides 
Htron etc.

Second question or thought: I go to a medium size endo clinic. i like 
my doc, though we disagree about the effects of maintenance steroids on 
BG. He is both a nice guy and a good doc. He helped my Mom out as best 
he could.

The CDE at this clinic however is hard for me to deal with (so I 
normally DON'T.)  She only maintains knowledge about one pump brand ( 
which is not a company i choose to work with.) She calls my diet 'not 
American' because i eat food that is generally whole and sometimes not 
packaged. I shop on the 'outside lanes' of the supermarket except for 
my comfort food: Cream of Mush. More often I shop at an oriental store 
and the 'middle eastern' market. I eat and cook very well, and feel 
insulted i guess.

At the Bigger Diabetes Clinic down the street they have a CDE who is 
diabetic and works with all pumps. I would have to switch docs. This 
would make some sense in that all my MDs for various things would be 
associated with the same hospital FWIW. This clinic also has free 
parking :-).

Because I lost my vestibular system, having great management of my 
diabetes is essential. (without visual and proprioceptive cues I would 
be unable to leave the couch.

Which is more important, maintaining a working relationship with my 
endo, or having a CDE i can work with?

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