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[IP] Re: DKA is what it was

and ou know, as an adult (or even young adult or teen or pre teen) wouldnt'
it be great to be mature enough to ask for help when you can't seem to get
your act togehter?  I think of all the times i was low, but refused to do
the'smart ' thing, liek ask a friend, husband, child to go get a soda/joice,
etc and ended up in trouble.....

being able to ask for and accept help (help, not takign over is the key!!)
is vital to a diabetic...there are days when it is too much, we feel too
ill, have too many other things on our plates...where we need help

dx age 11, 1969?

----- Original Message ----- 
> Greg stated:  Talk about tough love!  If I can carry
> some of his load for now, I will do it gladly.  IMHO, he's taking his cues
> from us, and the cue we chose to portray is: managing my diabetes is
> enough and challenging enough to require my whole family's diligent
> attention.
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