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[IP] Re: DKA is what it was

Mary, I didn't realize that anyone has actually studied this and determined
its the best approach, but it seems so logical that it is the approach we
chose when our son, now 11, was dxd.   He's an extremely bright, responsible
kid, and we always step in when we sense that he's getting a little burned
out.  We have periods (days!!) where we even program in his pump boluses!  I
was amazed to hear the vehement replies to the mom who checks her son's BGs in
the middle of the night.  Why not?  Who wrote the rule that kids with diabetes
have to carry this big burden all by themselves?  Many, probably most, adults
with type 2 diabetes cannot sustain the kind of management that type 1
diabetes requires, so why in the world do we expect kids to carry this load by
themselves?  Because they "have too"?  Talk about tough love!  If I can carry
some of his load for now, I will do it gladly.  IMHO, he's taking his cues
from us, and the cue we chose to portray is: managing my diabetes is important
enough and challenging enough to require my whole family's diligent
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