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Re: [IP] D50

    When I get a picc-line for my gut (to get TPN) IV FOOD, I always get
placed on antibiotic  ... and yes my insulin needs change ... can be up or
down... I do push D50 in to my picc and it is a fast way to get blood sugars

> Anyone one of us that has had the pleasure of going to the hospital with
> a very low blood sugar knows what an amp of D50 helps. D50 being a VERY
> large syringe filled with 50% dextrose.
> When I came home last week with a PICC line in (central line that starts
> in the arm and is about 22 inches for me that leads to a main artery. It
> is a small gauge but it is working great with the antibiotics.

 I am insulin resistance to a point a normal
> day needing from 120 to 140 units to cover basal and bolusing.

Gail, when I had blood infection... I was taking anywhere from 300 to 500
units a day. When my need when down the doctor knew I was getting better.

> Is there anyone out there that has had this kind of trouble covering an
> infection and this much insulin?
> Gail Donohue

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