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[IP] Re: Disappointed in ER

>When watching the broadcast last Thursday night, I felt very secure that
>had said that the boy was HYPERGLYCEMIC.  Now after reading all of the
>about the issue, I went back and re-watched the episode (my boyfriend works
>overnight and we record ER every week so he can watch it), and I still feel
>confident that the nurse/mom stated HYPERGLYCEMIC.  She does say it very
>but I can distinctly hear hyperglycemic, not hypoglycemic

You may be right...when I watched it, though, it sounded like Hypoglycemic,
and so went she went on to say DKA, I was confused.  But, perhaps I just
heard it wrong.  It still doesn't explain the rest of the inaccuracies, such
as acting "funny" after being high (340) for less than 2 hours, and giving a
shot in the forearm (or, at least, that it the impression it gave when she
grabbed his arm, turned it over, as if to look at the place he "should" have
given his shot).

>Perhaps we should wait before bombarding the network with threats of
>boycotting the show.

Well, I never made any plans to boycott the show, or even write letters.  I
was just a bit disappointed, especially since ER hires specialists to ensure
medical accuracy as much as possible, and one of the show's creators
(Michael Creighton sp?) is a doctor himself.  Hopefully, they will do better
in the future, as I suspect this character will be recurring.

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