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Re: [IP] Diabetes on TV

     Only you could put a smile that big on my face! Thanks!

Carrie C. Vargas, mom to Caitlyn, dx'd 20 months, 8 1/2 y.o and pumping for
3 1/2!

"May the Lord Bless You and Keep You"
> So back in 1999, I suggested the next diabetes related episode...I propose
> woman walks herself into the ER with severe cramps...she is a pump wearing
> type 1 diabetic, and they can't figure out what is wrong with her..she is
>  obviously in serious pain, the xray shows nothing...and throughout all
> she is
> adamant about not letting any one touch her pump, and even though she
> she tests her own blood sugar....at one point she is sitting in a wheel
>  waiting to be wheeled upstairs for a CT scan and she tests to find she is
> She asks Dr. Kovachs for some juice and he is in a rush and tells that
> man who answers the phone to get it, as he runs by and he kinda rolls his
> and goes back to whatever it was he was doing,  and the self-reliant, but
> severe pain diabetic SEES this happen, so she gets her ass up out of the
> wheelchair and walks into the nurses station and starts rooting around in
> refrigerator to get it herself.  Then later on, she collapses in serious
>  clutching her pump in one hand, so they rush her to surgery...they try
> wrest
>  her pump from her but she refuses. they explain they need to do a
laparotomy to
> see what is wrong, (laparotomies are very popular on ER...this is where
> split you open down the middle and go digging...it leaves a GREAT scar, as
>  long as they only staple you, and not actually stitch you up neatly).
They say
> her CT scan was inconcluisive and she may have a ruptured bowel or a tumor
> maybe a cyst....so she changes her site....interns and doctors crowded
> in fascination....and puts the site in her leg...she tests her bg - it is
> so the anesthesia guy - no it will be George Clooney, back for a guest
>  appearance, leans in and says, "hey show me how to work that thing while
> are
>  unconscious," so she gives him pump 101, as the anesthesia mask is put
over her
> face.....it turns out to be her appendix, by the way.
> WHAT A GREAT EPISOIDE THIS WOULD BE...educational, dramatic and TRUTHFUL
> considering it really did happen, AND in Chicago...
> I only insist on playing the surly, demanding, control freak of a
> Sara, who has the scar to prove it really happened

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