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[IP] D50

Anyone one of us that has had the pleasure of going to the hospital with
a very low blood sugar knows what an amp of D50 helps. D50 being a VERY
large syringe filled with 50% dextrose.

When I came home last week with a PICC line in (central line that starts
in the arm and is about 22 inches for me that leads to a main artery. It
is a small gauge but it is working great with the antibiotics. 

My husband and I know from experience since my pancreas is 97% removed
that glucagon does not work without multiple kits to get me to a point
of drinking juice. This also leads to throwing up and a nasty headache.
So before leaving the hospital I asked the doctor about having D50 at
home while we had the access and knew we would be dealing with lows.
Doctor agreed and so this morning hubby could not get me up and he
quickly got the D50 and spent the next 15 minutes pushing it in. I was
awake about half way into this.

This was much better that the multiple shots of glucagon and the after
effects as well as the high that generally come several hours later too.
PICC line will be gone when the antibiotics stop. Don't need another
place to get an infection if I can help it. 

But I thought I would past this experience on to anyone that has open
access like this and it was the local CVS that was able to get the D50
for us too.

The lows are coming from that that we are still in the process of
lowering back my basal rates to were they were pre infection. In the
hospital I had gotten to a basal rate of 9.0 on my Animas with U500
regular insulin (that is equal to 1080 units of insulin) plus an
additional 100 units of NPH divide twice a day plus coverage of anywhere
between 15 to 30 units of Humalog IV every 4 hours. I have never heard
of anyone needing that much insulin to cover an infection before but
that was what it was taking. I am insulin resistance to a point a normal
day needing from 120 to 140 units to cover basal and bolusing. 

Is there anyone out there that has had this kind of trouble covering an
infection and this much insulin?

Gail Donohue
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