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[IP] Diabetes on TV

Stupid treatment...but nothing unusual for ER.  But to be fair, they HAVE 
 dealt with diabetes a good amount, given the number of OTHER traumas they have
deal with...

First one I remember is Carla's gestational diabetes, when she was pregnant 
with Reese.  She was too stupid (or something....pardon my insensitivity) to 
 draw up her own shots - I was appalled that Dr. Benton was forced to go over to
her house and do them for her - it's not like they are rabies shots for gods 

Then the scary episode with Swoozie Kurtz as the Tammy Faye Baker type  who 
 was using her diabetes to giver her evangelist/Jim Bakeresque husband something
to pray about...It was disgusting, but the cute blonde woman doctor handled 
the situation well, and provided some good information, like what a good blood 
sugar range is, what complications could happen...and so on.

Then the 3rd one was the little girl who was a runner or something and Dr. 
 Benton helped her get, what he ACTUALLY referred to as a continuous
insulin infusion system...(wouldn't it have been easier to say "pump" but 
 whatever). He convinced the grandma that it was the best thing for the girl
blabh blah and emphasized how important it was to test even though it made 
her feel different.  

Another ER had a homeless type 2 guy who came in regularly to get his blood 
tested...he had a mouse living in his beard....we ARE all nuts aren't we??

As for this most recent show...why the hell didn't the kid have on a MEDIC 
 alert bracelet??? i tell ya, if you aren't gonna be responsible enough to wear
one, or make your KID wear one, then you deserve all the malpractice you get!

Then there was the Chicago Hope one where the female doctor HID her insulin 
dependant diabetes...then had a low in the middle of surgery...I didn't watch 
that show much so I don't know how it turned out...

Then almost exactly 4 years ago, november 1999, ER had a show about a kid 
with MODY - and I thought they did a GREAT job with it.  The show featured a 
 rather portly dad, who was not setting any kind of good example for his son.
doctor emphasized how important it was that behaviour and diet modification be 
made and that it was OK and GOOD to get professional help.  She made the 
 point that just taking your pill and not making lifestyle changes was NOT
The Doc actually said that IF the kid lost weight and IF he modified his diet 
and IF he got some exercise and lived a healthier lifestyle, there was a 
chance that he wouldn't need medication at all..

So back in 1999, I suggested the next diabetes related episode...I propose a 
woman walks herself into the ER with severe cramps...she is a pump wearing 
type 1 diabetic, and they can't figure out what is wrong with her..she is 
 obviously in serious pain, the xray shows nothing...and throughout all this,
she is
adamant about not letting any one touch her pump, and even though she hurts, 
she tests her own blood sugar....at one point she is sitting in a wheel chair 
 waiting to be wheeled upstairs for a CT scan and she tests to find she is low.
She asks Dr. Kovachs for some juice and he is in a rush and tells that older 
man who answers the phone to get it, as he runs by and he kinda rolls his eyes 
and goes back to whatever it was he was doing,  and the self-reliant, but in 
severe pain diabetic SEES this happen, so she gets her ass up out of the 
wheelchair and walks into the nurses station and starts rooting around in the 
refrigerator to get it herself.  Then later on, she collapses in serious pain, 
 clutching her pump in one hand, so they rush her to surgery...they try and
 her pump from her but she refuses. they explain they need to do a laparotomy to
see what is wrong, (laparotomies are very popular on ER...this is where they 
split you open down the middle and go digging...it leaves a GREAT scar, as 
 long as they only staple you, and not actually stitch you up neatly). They say
her CT scan was inconcluisive and she may have a ruptured bowel or a tumor or 
maybe a cyst....so she changes her site....interns and doctors crowded around 
in fascination....and puts the site in her leg...she tests her bg - it is 165, 
so the anesthesia guy - no it will be George Clooney, back for a guest 
 appearance, leans in and says, "hey show me how to work that thing while you
 unconscious," so she gives him pump 101, as the anesthesia mask is put over her
face.....it turns out to be her appendix, by the way.

considering it really did happen, AND in Chicago...

I only insist on playing the surly, demanding, control freak of a diabetic!

Sara, who has the scar to prove it really happened
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