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Re: [IP] Old MM bill - HOW to deal with it

- On Sun 11/09, Sherry Nolan < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: Sherry Nolan [mailto: email @ redacted]To:
email @ redacted: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 16:01:00 -0500Subject: Re: [IP] Old
MM bill
 To all...I've fought battles and won and know how this works...you don't need a
lawyer, just persistence.
 1) Document EVERY phone call or letter, get a name, extension # of who you talk
to. Put a time and date on the letter or dissuasion and summarize what was said.
Don't talk to a CSR, go higher if you can, especially at MM(assuming you can get
 2) Dig out ANY EOB's you have. If you don't keep them, START. This is exactly
why you need them. You need to keep them FIVE years, minimum. Also, if you
change insurance companies, keep the old cards so that you have the Toll Free #
and the policy ID #. Dig out your insurance policy and read it. See what you are
responsible for. If you do have the EOB's, it will tell you what the insurance
company paid and what the negotiated price was and what YOU are responsible for.
 3) Contact the insurance company and have them research their records. Verify
the EOB's you have. Sometimes they will reissue EOB's (I have had that happen).
They will also tell you which ones you will have to pay and at what percentage,
if you can't find it already and it's one of theirs. Get that person's name.
Sometimes the insurance company will call for you, esp if you explain the mess
that is going on.
 4) Next, try contacting MM (or anyone that you are dealing with in this manner)
by phone. Remember take names and elevate to supervisor level at a minimum. You
want to talk to someone who actually has the authority to do something. If that
doesn't work or you keep getting cut off, write a certified letter detailing
your problem with what your findings are and have it signed for. Make sure that
you make it certified so that you have a copy of a signature of someone in the
company receiving the letter. Give them a deadline of a certain number of days
before YOU seek out relief. (Just don't be detailed as to what that is yet)
 5) Find out who is the CFO and the next time you contact the company, you
contact HIM (or the president of the company) with a CC to the dept head of the
Billing Dept.
If you can find out who to file with legally, go for it....
 I've done this and it works...Only I was fighting a hospital. And you don't
think it does...I found out who the CFO was, called him on his direct line, and
told him EXACTLY what his billing dept was doing. Of course, he had no clue. The
next morning, I had a personal phone call from the billing dept head and a
letter of apology followed IN THE MAIL from the CFO and the Dept head. Instead
of the ALMOST $400 they said we owed, versus the $10, I said they owed us, we
agreed, after they researched some more, that the ending balance was $20.00. A
far cry from $400.00.
 Bottom line, SAVE every EOB and document EVERY phone call and TAKE names and be
a squeaky wheel. Liz

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