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Re: [IP] Old MM bill - long story

I also received a beaten up bill from the post office in late October.  It
was from Medtronic saying that I owed a certain amount and that more was
pending (sorry if I hadn't received any other notices).  All of the dates
were in 2000 and 2001.  I called the insurance company first, which is no
longer my active insurance company and they were very helpful.  Thank you
BCBS of MA customer service!  The guy looked up two of the bills, could not
look up the one that was more than 3 years old, and said that Medtronic
could only legally ask me to pay for $x amount of the $y amount they were
asking.  Due to the insurance plan that I had, Medtronic was not allowed to
charge the difference if they were in-network at the time.  Here is the
catch...Medtronic slipped in and out of network during those years and
neither Medtronic nor the insurance company felt the need to tell me.  My
insurance plan paid for 80% instead of 20% (because that was their
responsibility for out-or-network coverage), and Medtronic until now ignored
the 20%.   However, now they are billing me for that 20% and the difference
between what my insurance company paid and retail on the 80%.  The later
they are not allowed to do as per the contract they had with my insurance

I have tried calling the number on the bill twice.  Both times I was
immediately put on hold and was disconnected which made me all the more
angry.  I work during the business hours that Medtronic has and don't have
access to a phone so I pretty much am screwed about trying to contact them.
In addition I received the second letter this week saying that I had ignored
all the previous notices (plural if you caught that) and I am angry because
I only got the one and haven't been able to contact them.

In addition I received a  bill last February for a bill in 2001.  I called
about that one and was told they would look into it.  Instead I got three
more notices and was afraid of what this would do for my credit.  I made a
final phone call to them and was told that they had no record that they were
looking into it, but that they could.  Fuming I asked them if there were any
other outstanding bills I should know about since this was such a shock!  I
was told that this was the only one.  Frustrated I paid it off and didn't
see anything until now which makes me all the more angrier.  The insurance
guy looked into this one for me too and said they charged me more then they
were allowed to.  Not helping that anger management....

In addition, I have had horrendous customer service problems with Medtronic
in the past year and with this will definitely not go with Medtronic when my
pump warrenty runs out this December.  I will also make sure to let anyone
who is looking for a pump know all the trouble I have had.  I can definitely
say that everything went downhill when Medtronic took over Minimed!!!

--  Sherry
dxd 8/80  pump 12/99 MM508  1/04 Something Else!!!
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