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[IP] Re: DKA is what the dx was

Parenting is never easy.  Parenting a child with a chronic illness makes it
harder (more challenging).  You ( as a parent) constantly walk a line
between making sure 'all is right' (doing everything in your ability to have
things perfect) and allowing a child to become more independent.

If things 'seemed' right and the child (who previously seemed
honest/trustworthy) what parent would make a kid 'reveal' a site to check on
it?  Even parents who 'verify' that things are disappearing (strips, etc)
can be fooled by a child who trashes stuff, rather than test/change.  <I
recall some oldtimers recalling not 'complying'....to using more drop s of
water to the Clinitest, to filling out charts before they happened....I was
one of those kids, spent a lot of time avoiding what I was supposed to do,
rather than what was 'right'>

Now that I am a parent, of a 'challenged' child, I appreciate my
mother/father more, realize how very difficult it is to raise a child with a
chronic problem, and how challenging it is to decide when to guide and when
to take over.  Each case, each child is different, and outsiders do not know
the 'whole story' and should be careful when judging others

off soapbox

thanks Mom!!   I didn't turn out TOO BAD, did I?  Thx for carrying snacks,
sugar, telling coaches/teachers that I wouldn't , checking on me often,
making me feel that you were overprotective and for allowing me to make some
serious mistakes along the way............

dx 1969, age 11
son with RAD, ADHD, learning difficulties (age 13)
daughter (depression, RAD, learning troubles, age 19, now married)

----- Original Message ----- 

>It seems to me that there is a
> very, very fine line that we parents are expected to walk in the eyes of
> people on this list.  The general outcry to any parent who admits to being
> involved with the care of their child from about this age upward is that
>  being overprotective and probably preventing our child from ever being
> independent with his/her diabetes care.
>  This was a life-threatening situation,  brought
> about by the child not perfoming a routine part of her diabetes
> And this is the same thing that would happen to many of our kids if we
> test them in the night or make sure we brought back-up supplies to
> events or some of the other safeguards we maintain which have brought
> vehement criticism to other parents on this list.
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